True Church Stories #41

Songs of worship continued as people streamed forward to receive personal prayer from the pastors and prayer team. This is customary in our church services as we believe in divine healing and miracles and we pray for them.

My husband Larry, the lead pastor, was going from person to person, anointing their heads with oil and praying over their needs. As he approached one man, the gentlemen leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Pray for me, pastor. I've been struggling a lot with diarrhea."

Larry leaned in and said, "okay... do you want me to bind it, or loose it?"

I can't remember what the guy's answer was, as all I have remembered over the years is what my husband said. Either way, it's hilarious.

In case you've landed upon this series for the first time, you might notice it's story number 41. I share 40 other "True Church Stories" from our pastoral ministry. Just go to this link and you can enjoy all of them. Many people have told me they've read them with tears rolling down their face, they laughed so hard.

Every pastor or pastor's wife could write a book of stories like this, and I wish they would. Some of the funniest things happen in church!