One More Thing

Do you feel as if you can't handle one more thing going wrong right now?

Yesterday my inbox had a number of messages from people who are facing life-altering situations and several said, "I don't know that I can handle one more thing going wrong right now..."

I understand. I've been there.

Jesus meets you at the place of "one more thing". I have literally sat in my bathtub soaking (that's where I get the most privacy in my life and therefore it's my favorite place) and cried and said, "God, please hear me. One more thing is not an option. If you think it is, just please, take me on home, because I can't weather it."

Obviously God knew more than I did. Sometimes the "one more thing" came. And grace came with it.  Grace that enabled a stretching, beyond what I ever thought I could do. There were times I felt like a rubber band that was stretched to it's maximum, ready to snap and God knew I had a little more physical and emotional elasticity in me than I did. I look back in wonder that I was able to not only survive but thrive. 

We are capable of more than we think we are -- through Him, not of ourselves. His grace is amazing.

Today, I am specifically in prayer for those who are absolutely stretched to what you believe is your breaking point. I pray waves and waves of grace over you.

Much love,