How To Make Sure You Don't Fail

Truth bomb ahead!!!

God dropped this into my heart last night:

There is no failure in the surrendered life.

Today I brought the devotional thought in my weekly ezine on the subject, "When Getting Your Own Way Destroys You".  There has been a lot of reaction to it, not just a few folks responding on Facebook, but private emails.  Evidently what God has been dealing with me on lately has really struck a chord with some other people too.

God has been zeroing in on this in my life and speaking to me loud and clear that as long as one is fully surrendered to God, failure is impossible.

When we surrender completely, we line up with every single thing He's instructed -- every thing He's required. Everything that's His heart for us is complete as we totally relinquish our will for His.

Human beings have an idea of what failure looks like and I'm here to tell you, it's radically different in many ways than what God thinks.

Are you living in 100% surrender to God? To His way, and His will? Are you lined up with His ways and means of doing things?

If so, you're a success in all the ways that count.