Weekend Potpourri

I'll begin by saying I'm so proud of the youth of our church.They dominated in the competition this week at church camp and won the distinction of "Camp Champs." More important they were changed by God at the altars! This morning all of them (but a few who were on vacation, etc.) came onto the platform and testified about what God did in their lives. It was just wonderful to hear the good things of God.

My family is home and we have enjoyed some wonderful times this weekend. Scott and Erica Warner from our previous church in Maryland were here for a visit and we went with them to Texas Cattle Company in St. Pete for dinner last night. What a time reminiscing and catching up!

Now that everybody is home I'm enjoying having my husband and kids back and getting in the routine of family again. This is good.

At the same time, I don't ask for prayer very often but today I am. I haven't been feeling well and have just kept marching on. I could really use a prayer if you are spending time in prayer today, please just say my name. Thank you.

Much love,