Weekend Potpourri

So the weekend is coming to a close...my sunset bike ride is over and I'm ready to take a bath and get in my jammies and snuggle with the man. Now that's the life!

Aside from church ministry and coaching, I've been spending large amounts of time putting the finishing touches on my upcoming e-book (to be released on Kindle), and a book proposal that's getting ready to go out.

We had a great service at church today -- the worship team/frontline/choir was absolutely rockin' the place. For a moment there I thought we were gonna be raptured! I just couldn't be more proud of our amazing team.

Larry and Dustin are prepping to take a huge chartered busload full of our Celebration Church teens to camp tomorrow.   Our youth group has absolutely exploded. This is what our youth are traveling to and from camp in this year:

God has been so good to us! I can hardly wait for them to get back. If we thought we were gonna be raptured this week in service what in the world will next Sunday be like with these kids coming back from camp even more fired up than when they went?

It is such a blessing to serve the Lord and His people. Just sayin'.