Things I Learned in the Pool

I spent a lot of time in the pool this past week at Club Med. 

Most of the people who were standing around me talking and sipping drinks have lifestyles very different from mine. I listened to them share details about their companies -- the ones they own. Others talked about the homes. Or airplanes. Some of them are downsizing...into homes that are several times the size of mine. Quite a number of them have memberships at Club Med -- one lady enjoying her 17th visit.

Many spoke of their hired help at home. There was talk of nannies and housekeepers and all other sorts of things. Lots of mention of Fifty Shades of Grey. (That's another post for another day!)

Some things I couldn't understand at all - they were spoken in French or Italian. 

There's one thing I noticed.

So many of them weren't happy.

On Wednesday I stood quietly and listened to three couples talk about how painful it is that their grown children have nothing to do with them.

A grandmother shared that her son and daughter in law don't trust her with their children and prefer to have them stay with the "hired help" (this is what she called them) because they know their routine better.

On Thursday a group of women shared that their teenagers are in full blown rebellion. Aside from possessions they talked about, so much of the conversation was dreary. They shared about a general lack of communication in their families, and pain.

I left feeling like the most blessed person in the world.