Why You Need to Leave It all Behind Once in a While...

Doing the same exact thing day after day (especially without proper rest) can cause any of us to get a case of the fuzzies.

I hate fuzzies. This is where I go to write a blog post or a song or a message to preach, and everything in my head just feels fuzzy. Nothing's springing up. Even though I pray. Even though I worship. Even though I read my bible. 

For me the cure for fuzzies is to rest, and also to shake things up in some way. There are many things I have to do each day that are routine and other things that are unique. But sometimes it helps to do something different.

Today we went tubing with the youth of our church to Rainbow River.  I slept in the car almost all the way there. Having a few hours out there with nothing to do but sit and float downstream was good for me. It was good for me as well to sleep almost all the way back home!

 My inbox was full this morning when I left, but ya know what...I left it behind. Some days that's what needs to be on the agenda -- leaving it all behind. Not for good, but for a time so you can come back better.

Guess what...tomorrow's my day off, so I'm not coming until Saturday. :)