Why Mondays Can Be Hard for Everyone

I believe Mondays are a mindset.

Many people in America have weekends off. They look forward to the rest the weekend brings and it's back to work on Mondays.

Because some people don't like their work, they dread Mondays. Others love their work, but they love rest more.

I'm among the folks that don't have the weekend off. Sunday is an exhausting day for me. Even when we have a great day, which we do most Sundays, it's still the most tiring day of the week for me. 

Usually on Monday morning I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Although I've tried in the past to give myself easy tasks to do on this day and relegate the rest of the week to more difficult things, I tend to also want to attack the challenges and get them out of the way as soon as possible.

Whether you work on the weekend or not, I believe Mondays can be a challenge for all of us because we begin to think about change. At least I know I do. And even good changes take work to wrap our brain around.

The beginning of the week, for me, marks a shift in my thinking. If I'm going to implement a change, I start thinking about it or working toward it at the beginning of the week.

Right now Larry and I are in discussion about some changes that need to take place at Celebration. We are in the beginning stages of it and quite honestly I feel the way I do at the beginning of any change...overwhelmed at the task in front of us, and very hopeful that it's successful.

So it's my experience that Mondays denote change for many of us. What about you...does a shift seem to occur on Mondays for you, at least in your thinking?