Weekend Potpourri

Today was a really great day at Celebration Church. We were at Ft. DeSoto Park all day after service for our beach day, picnic and water baptism.

We are so blessed to be part of seeing lives changed for God. In addition to sharing the spiritually momentous occasion in the lives of some of our members, we had a lot of fun in the sun and sand. It's rained daily in Tampa the past week or so and we were so blessed to have an absolutely beautiful day!! I stayed in the water for hours and hours with friends. We take "noodles" out there and just relax and float until the sun goes down. Definitely one of my favorite things to do.

Larry and I are also grateful to be the pastors of such a generous and loving church family. This morning they announced that in a few weeks they will have a celebration on Sunday for our 25th anniversary of marriage & ministry, and then they are sending us to...[drumroll please]

Club Med!

They will have the anniversary celebration at church on June 24, and then on our actual anniversary on the 27th they are sending us to Club Med.

I was so surprised this morning, and thrilled when they announced it. I can hardly wait! <3