I'm getting renovated!

This morning I'm speaking at Renovate Church, in Dade City, FL.

I've never been there before, so this is a first. I am looking forward to meeting the "Renovators." :)   We always call our Celebration people "Celebrators." I'm wondering what the pastors at Renovate call their people?

The pastor's wife, Brenda Pickerall, has been in close contact with me for quite a while about the details of today's event.  It's the first of it's kind at Renovate and she says the anticipation is sky high! This week she said, "Many have stepped up and gone beyond expectation. We have been praying for this day and for you. We are in anticipation of how the Holy Spirit is going to minister through you and cannot wait for our lives to be changed forever."


We really need Jesus to show up today big time. Otherwise, it'll just be me. 

I need Jesus every second of my day. These precious folks I'm going to share with today need Him too. Pray with us, for an amazing day at Renovate!