The first thing you need to do to qualify for mentorship

The first question I want to ask you today is: When a mentor finishes a conversation with you do they feel that you wanted their thoughts, their wisdom or advice?

The second question I want to ask you is: Why would God give you a mentor if you are not really eager to learn from them and apply what they have to say?

Cultivating a teachable spirit is the first thing you need to do to qualify for mentorship.

You do not receive a mentor just because you are in close proximity to someone. Even if they are in authority over you, this is not a definite indication that they are going to take you under their wing for anything other than immediate supervision. You prove that you are qualified as a mentee by respecting their wisdom.

I’ve been mentoring people for over 25 years now and over these years it’s been amazing to me how some people will say, “It’s amazing the things I’ve learned from Deanna,” while others will say, “I haven’t really learned anything from her at all.” 

The difference isn't how I led them, but in how willing they were to receive.