Change the sensitive!

History belongs to people who pray and obey!

If we aren't sensitive to the spirit of God and to prayer opportunities , we will miss out on a lot.

And so will others!

The other day I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed.  I noticed a status an old friend from college had posted. I haven't talked to them in years. It was simply a chocolate bar and and she posted, "it's been that kind of day."  

Lost of people post that kind of stuff. Sometimes it's no big deal. You misplaced your keys, or got an unexpected bill. You found a few more gray hairs. You worked overtime. Or sometimes, it's more.

 I felt prompted to stop and say something. I felt in my spirit this wasn't just a cutesy status of a woman revealing to the world that she loves chocolate.

I probably haven't even "liked" or written anything on their status for two years or so. Not that I don't love them, but we all see a bazillion Facebook statuses and we don't respond to everything simply out of a limited space of time.

After writing to this friend, she immediately wrote back to me and said that that day she and her husband had been in the doctor's office that afternoon and received a crushing diagnosis. They need a miracle! She said, "Deanna, the funny thing is, I was thinking about you while I was waiting today [in the doctor's office waiting room]...don't know why, probably a God thing...then I got home and got your note. I know you pray and I know you are sincere when you do. You know that I believe my God is huge, and He loves me very much. I'm special to Him because I am His. I know this more because He sent a hug to me today from you.  I don't know what is in store for the road ahead, but I'm not worried...I was carved into the palm of His hand..." 

Yes indeed.

How is God wanting to use you to remind others of their preciousness to Him? To build faith? To bring peace?

Be sensitive.

It's an amazing way to live.