What does being honest with yourself have to do with getting a job?

Every week I coach people who are unemployed. I also pastor people who are looking for jobs.

One thing I hear often is, "I've done all I can do."

Enter truth.

Most people have not sent out all the resumes they could send out.
Most people have not called every company possible.
Most people have not made an in-person visit to all of the businesses in their vicinity.
Most people have not contacted every person in their network.
Most people have not maximized social media in their search.
Most people have not made it their full time job to find a job.
Most people have not spent even 20 hours that week to find a job let alone 40.
Most people have not broadened their horizons beyond their current field to consider other options, even temporary ones.

Most people who begin a meeting with me by telling me they've done "all they could do" this week, have not made an accurate statement.

Most people follow their initial statement by saying they are frustrated and have no idea what they are doing wrong.

Many times, assessing the accuracy of our words is the first step to success.