Too many "I'm kidding's" are just...too many.

Some of you deal with someone on a regular basis who torments you until you cry. Or maybe you don't cry. You just feel like your head or your heart is going to explode. The tension weighs on your shoulders, creeps up your neck, and pulsates in your head.

They don't consider it torment -- in fact that very thought is laughable to them. It's just teasing. "Relax," they say, "I'm just kidding."

But the kidding doesn't feel so fun. It feels like torment.

And you are tired.

You are very tired.

Bullying doesn't end in an elementary school yard.

You can be 80 years old and be a bully.

All it takes is a steady stream of not-so-funny jabs and constant chipping away at your sanity.

What's the answer to this? Or why am I even posting it?

Simply to say:

You're not crazy.
You're not alone.
And just in case you're wondering -- Jesus would never, never, never do that.
Not even in kidding.

Just sayin'.