One question all leaders should consider

Why would people want to be a part of something that one person is just going to take all the credit for?

It's an important question.


Grace said…
If that one person in God, it is usually easy to rally the troops that are behind, following, and supportive of the One.

But if the one is a human, the followers tend to want some credit to be given to them for their efforts. I recently had my work and ideas passed along and another received all the credit. It did not set well with me, knowing that I did the work and the other person (my leader) literally did nothing. I would have just loved a verbal pat on the back, but nothing. It is difficult to get behind a leader who does not work as hard as the followers.

IMHO, the cause must be the most important. The leader must show the followers that the cause is worth the work and the struggle. When she/he does that, the troops will follow anywhere and do anything to meet the goal.
Grace, I'm not referring to God. I should have made that clear in the post.

What the quote refers to are leaders who wonder why some don't want to follow, or work as hard. They don't have interest in doing something they have no ownership of.

The cause must be most important, and a little appreciation thrown in the workers' direction goes a long way.