The key to self-love.
Here it is...

How many of us get upset about all the things we can't control, when we fail to control the one thing we actually CAN control?

My hand is up right now. If you have yours raised, just know you're not alone.

The Lord has spoken to me lately about controlling what I can.


I heard a quote yesterday by a man named A.B. Simpson, a Canadian minister, theologian and author who said, "Temperance is true self love."   Temperance is another word for discipline, control, and self restraint.

Disciplining yourself is true love. 

There are several areas of my life that I can discipline, control and restrain to make things a lot better. I often fail to do so because I allow my weakness to win instead of God's strength. How much better can my life be if I pursue those areas of temperance?

Some things that touch my life are out of my control. Terribly out of control.

And,there is nothing but prayer that ever has a hope of changing those things. Without God's intervention, it's a pretty bad mess.

I could never do enough to fix it, and truth be told God doesn't want me to fix it.

It's not my assignment.

Yet I get so pained over it, I try to fix it.

Instead of beating my head against the wall over those things, difficult as they are, I have but one choice.

Change myself. 

Do what I can do to change ME, and ask God to change that which I can't.

**In case you're not sure it's okay to love yourself: Mark 12:28-31