Help people. It works.

Yesterday was our day off and I started out by sleeping in until noon. No, I'm not kidding. I am usually so tired that on my day off I often don't wake up until afternoon.  When I just allow myself to sleep and don't set the alarm, there is no telling what time I will wake up. The bummer of this is that half the day is gone but the upside is, I really do need the rest.

Once I woke up and showered, Savanna was walking in the door from school. She's used to this whole mom-moving-really-slowly-on-Fridays thing and is not at all surprised when she gets home and sees that I am just waking up and starting my day. 

We spent the evening in Tarpon Springs with Jordan and Savanna. This is one of our favorite things to do as a family.

We eat at Hellas.

It's the best place to eat there. I get the same thing every time. A small greek salad, moussaka,and greek vegetables. Then we walk around in the shops for about an hour and stop back at Hellas for a dessert. Usually I get a cherry napoleon or baklava. Yesterday I had both since Savanna didn't want her last two bites of baklava. For anyone who's wondering, I counted every one of the calories on My Fitness Pal, and it was all legal. ::smile:: Fitness Pal is what Larry and I use in our weight loss efforts. I'm really proud of him. Since he started last year, he's lost almost 50 pounds. I'm working hard on catching up with him.

We saw this sign at a store we visited:

Savanna and I walked down the street to shop and while in a small shop where we looked at jewelry and clothes, I suddenly had to use the restroom. Bad. But there were no public restrooms in the vicinity. I told her to stay in the store until I came back, and planned to walk all the way back down to Hellas, since I had just made a purchase there, and they have restrooms.

The store owner heard me tell Savanna to stay put until I came back. And she said, "M'am...we have a private restroom, but I'll let you go here."   She explained this was a rare thing because their restroom is not set up for customers and doubles as a storage room. She was embarrassed about the mess, but wanted to help me. I could have cared less about the mess and appreciated her offer.

When I came out of the restroom I whispered to Savanna that we were definitely going to buy something there simply because of the lady's kindness. I asked her if she had seen anything she absolutely loved and sure enough, she had her eye on a charm bracelet.  

Making the bracelet purchase was not on my radar before walking in there. But once the lady helped me, I felt compelled to do something.

It's now on my schedule to go back and purchase two more charms from the same store for Savanna's birthday next month.

Come to find out, the owner of the store has a second home in Citrus Park, FL. This isn't too terribly far from our church. Savanna had a conversation with her about Celebration and invited her. By the time I came out of the restroom, she was requesting directions to the church and I gave her a business card.

Helping people really is the key to so much.  Sure, it's the "right thing to do" but if most people realized what a chain of events they can set off if they simply just help people, they'd be surprised.