Who wants a bold venture?

Do you wish you would have had the confidence in middle school that you have now?

Maybe you don't have as much confidence as you would like to have right now as an adult, but you probably have more than you had as a pre-teen or a teen.

Are you ready to face your fears? Each week I'm confronted with this question as my walking partner Liz and I are out on our journey in the neighborhood. On our walk we stop at "Bold Venture Dr." and turn around and go back home. We didn't pick this street because of the name. We simply chose it as our turnaround point because of the timing of our walk. But each time we see the sign, it reminds me of what most people do.

Most people get to the edge of a bold venture and turn around and go home.

They go home because thinking big is scary.

Bold ventures aren't anything you are totally prepared for, have figured out completely, or have the power to do all on your own.

When Liz and I go on walks, I reach Bold Venture and turn around and go home, but otherwise, in life, no, no, no. I'm through with that.

I'm not 12 anymore, and I know exactly who I am. How about you?