What do you HAVE to do?

I remember many years ago when I was just coming into adulthood lamenting about some things  I had to do, somebody quipped to me, "Deanna, all you HAVE to do is live, die and pay taxes."

I know it might seem odd, but I'm a very analytical person who really started thinking about that statement. What does a person have to do, really have to do, in life?

I don't have the full answer to this question yet but one thing I do know for sure, we all do some things we don't have to do. I believe we still do them for a myriad of reasons and one is because we are afraid of the new.

New represents change. And change is something that scares many of us.

The interesting thing about change is that it has the possibility to make a way for us where there seemed to be no way. Change can bring healing, wholeness, a new lease on life.

But it often requires a very deep examination of what we have been doing versus what we might want to think about doing.

In my experience this usually concerns something really unconventional that nobody else around us is doing. We don't do it because we assume if nobody else is doing it there's a really good reason for it.

Not always.