A day with a special touch...

Today was such a blessed day. The presence of God was  strong as usual at Celebration and we also had special guests with us today ~ missionaries Joe and Ann Trementozzi, and their daughter Beth Ann of Special Touch Ministry. The Trementozzi's are US Missionaries to people with disabilities and their families. they create awareness in the church at large to the need of reaching this population with compassion and giving to them an adequate witness of the gospel of Jesus.

The people really responded to their ministry with quite a number of folks making a connection to get involved in their Special Touch Getaway. We're real excited about our people being a part of this.

I had the privilege of taking Joe and Ann to lunch. Their daughter had plans with some other friends who had come along, and as for our family it was just me. Dustin and Savanna had fine arts rehearsal and Larry and Jordan were blessed with tickets to the Penguins hockey game today.

I took our guests to lunch at one of my favorite spots, The Red Elephant. They absolutely loved it. The manager seems to be super impressed with how many first time guests I've brought to Red Elephant. He came out and talked to us for a while. We're cooking up something special for the Red Elephant and Celebration Church. (More details to come later!)


This is the first time I had the chance to see your blog. Great job!
Annie, Beth and I were so very blessed to be with you and Celebration Church. God bless you dear sister in all that you do.
And hey, The Red Elephant restaurant is absolutely Great! Thanks for bringing us there.
Joe and Ann and Beth Ann