We're waaaiiiiiittting...............................

Uncle Mike has been taking such good care of us, but when...when...when will Momma and Daddy, Dustin, Jordan and Savanna be home?

He says they are coming home today.  

But how many more hours? How many more minutes?

It's been a whole five days since we've pounced on them and licked their faces.  That's way too long, but thank you Uncle Mike for treating us as your very own.

We love you,


Grace said…
My adult disabled children came home from adult day care, so excited that today had been pet therapy! As soon as we have a place of our own, I plan on visiting our local shelter to adopt a small dog. Yes, Max and Maddie, you are good therapy. It won't be long until your best buddies will be home! BTW, Max, you are a walking miracle!