These are a few of my favorite things...about the past week

Dessert, dessert and more dessert.  It was EVERYWHERE.  My favorite? Chocolate melting cake.
Water with lime.  And lots of it.  It's how I drink my water at home too. 
And lots of it... lol  :)
Love sitting on the deck listening to the band.  All of these bands play Margaritaville and Brown Eyed Girl at least once an hour.  I've noticed that.
With my man...gettin' ready to go see a comedy show. 
Shrodes offspring just havin' fun
The kiddos ready for dinner on formal night.
Sunset in Cozumel
Love this street in Cozumel
Walking a few miles in Mexico. Here are Larry, Dustin and Savanna
This dog, "Chico" was amazing.  I fell in love with him!  He was at  a place where we zip lined.  He belongs to the owner. Chico had his own harness and he actually zip lined!  He gave me courage. 
Sittin' in a hammock on the beach ~ Cozumel
Took four of my "MORE" magazines and read them on the Serenity deck. (My favorite spot - for adults 21 and over, and VERY peaceful!)  Alternated between the hot tub and reading.  Just what the doctor ordered.