Why some people see their dreams come true and others don't

I'm a keen analyst, obsessed with watching people and learning from them both good and bad.

A lot of my dreams have come true, although some have yet to be realized.  I believe as long as we're alive we should have dreams. 

I see a pattern in those who never realize their dreams.  I have no statistical data on this, it's just something I've gathered through everyday observation.  Those who haven't experienced the fulfillment of dreams are typically those who insist on taking the most convenient route all the time.  They are the queens of store-bought cakes. Again and again they select whatever is easiest and won't require them to do anything extra or go out of their way. 

Observing this is the main reason I've tried to take the road less traveled most often on my life's journey.


Terri von Wood said…
Keen observation--keen analyst! I'm older than you and from my observations they typically couple taking the easy route with complaining about not achieving miraculous results. There are those who hope, wish and dream and yes, even pray, and then there are those who do. Do, fail, try again, do, fail, try again and eventually end up somewhere far better than where they started even if not where they originally intended. I love your blog!!
You are so right on your observations, Terri. Thankyou for reading and commenting. I enjoy your feedback. Love you