Get off the Christian crack...

Something really good is getting ready to happen for me.  I feel it!

I've worked for this for a long time.  And I'll keep working whether it happens today or many days from now. Whether two weeks or two years or twenty years. I will work in the good times and bad, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...yeah, you are starting to get the picture -- I'm married to this thing.  Or at least it feels like it a lot of the time.  :)

I'm faithful to it whether anyone's watching, whether anyone else cares. 

I've learned that what you desire most isn't going to happen without a ridiculous amount of faithfulness to a level much further than most people are comfortable with or can even fathom.

I've noticed a lot of Christians think their dreams are going to be realized even if they lack integrity or faithfulness as long as they have passion and pray hard enough.

I'm a intercessor too, but I'm not on crack.  Really, it's like being on Christian crack to think you're going to have all of heaven open up over your life because you want it so bad or even pray about it so much, but neglect the call to be faithful with what's in your hand TODAY.


Melissa B. said…
Oh my goodness this is so good!!! My husband is about to lose his job and yes we are praying and asking God to provide an open door for him. However, we are also trying to be faithful with what we have in our hands today! Which right now is the ability to work hard at our current jobs and fill out applications and resumes everywhere! Thank you for this encouragement! So many time I hear people say, "You just need to trust God to be your provider!" And I'm like, I do trust Him, but I'm not going to throw my laundry out in the front yard and trust God to take care of it lol. :)