WOW, WOW, WOW...we GET to do this!!!

Whether you are teaching a Sunday School class of three year olds today, or you are giving a devotional at a homeless shelter, or you are the pastor of a church of twenty people, or the leader of a mega church, please realize the HUGE honor it is to speak to ANYBODY.

God has entrusted US.  Does that blow your mind like it does mine?  I'm tellin' you, I never lose the wonder that God gives me opportunity to talk to anybody.

When I'm a little bit more rested I'll blog about my weekend in North Carolina.  There's no rest yet --  after flying in last night, unpacking and catching up with my family,  I have service at Celebration this morning.  Then Larry and I leave to minister this evening at Harvest Assembly in Lakeland, FL.  It's Pastor Appreciation Sunday for our dear friends Pastors Keith & Joy Conley and they've asked us to come and speak for this special evening in their honor. Tomorrow night is our October Women's Connection at Celebration and I'll be preaching.  I'm fired up with a word for our women and can't wait to deliver it, but I do want to get some sleep first so my body can get as fired up as my spirit

It's a busy time with lots of opportunity to share with people. I thank God for strength and for His hand upon us, to speak a word of life to His precious people.

If you're teaching any kind of a class this morning or stepping on a platform somewhere,join me in gratefulness for God's trust.  Let's never lose the wonder that people show up to hear what we have to say.  They could be anywhere, but they choose to come to hear you, or me.  Let's never lose the honor...the "wow" factor.