Home, repack, re-load...


What a weekend.

I'm exhausted - the best kind of tired. Just got in at 10:30 pm, from Raleigh, NC.  Had fantastic meetings in NC -- God was sooooo good!!!  Then had the privilege of praying for a lady on my second plane from Atlanta after my layover.  Whew, what a time we had!

Already washing clothes and repacking to Sunday night/Monday, for a district meeting in Lakeland, then speaking at Church of Hope in Sarasota on Monday night.

First church in the morning.................can't wait to be with my Celebration family.

Normally I'd be bursting with something to say after a weekend like this but I'm blogging late and in retrospect no words can do it justice anyway, at least til' I let it percolate for a few hours.

Not to mention, I'm  home after two days and my man's in bed next to me...