Up in the air!

That's where I'm at today -- headed to North Carolina for a few days.  I'm the speaker for the NC District of the AG's Women's Breakaway Conference this weekend. 

I'm gonna do it again next weekend too!  (They have two breakaway conferences on either end of the state...isn't that cool?) 

I'll be back for Sunday services each week, getting back in the nick of time.  My schedule is crazy the next two weeks.  I'll be preaching in four different locations the next two weeks, NOT counting our church.

I covet your prayers, for powerful services, and lives changed in these coming days. Pray for my family too, while I'm away.

Everyone always asks me if I get excited to speak at places.  Quite honestly it's hard to be excited until I'm actually on the way there, whether in the car or in a plane.  Until then the wrapping up of loose ends at home, church & coaching plus the warfare is complicated.  No one has any idea what someone goes through simply to say what God tells you to say.

Once I'm on the plane this afternoon I'm gonna be like, "Snap...the Holy Ghost is fixin' to do something BIG!!!"

I'm ready!