Til' the blessed end!

Ever heard people say, "they stayed until the bitter end?"  At Celebration we don't have people who stay until the bitter end, they stayed until the blessed end!

I would estimate that the attendance for our Fall Connection today was about double what we normally have on a Sunday morning.  There was a buzz on the entire church campus.  Kidzone surpassed their next attendance goal and not only did Miss Michele get a pie in the face, but the kids got the "largest ice cream sundae EVER!  It was a huge ice cream sundae made in a (clean) gutter and all the kids got to line up and eat it.     

Although it rained outside everyone hung in there with us and just went with it.  It didn't seem to phase anybody that it was raining.  As long as there wasn't thunder and lightening, the kids went on the 18 ft. water slide and jumped in the two bounce houses. 

A very special group of people so dear to my heart stayed til' the very end -- the blessed end - and helped clean up.  Pastor Adam enjoyed himself on the water slide and had it all to himself after the kids were gone.  (See photo above.)

The greatest joys come at the end of the day when the work is done and you look back on the memories that are now treasured.