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The mosaic that is you

Do you ever feel like nobody understands the unique road that you walk?

You're right.  Although some can understand parts of it, they can't understand the totality of it.  They never will because the only two who understand the complexity of the road you walk are God and you.

This is why it's so important to hold to His unchanging hand.

Cling to His ever present help.

Did you ever receive unworkable advice?  I receive it all the time.   

Suddenly yesterday I had an epiphany that the lack of understanding makes perfect sense.  Nobody except for God is privy to the sum total of what makes things so complicated.

You and He are the only ones who comprehend the entire mosaic of your life.  Even those people who may claim, "I know you better than you know yourself" are fooled.  Really.  It's just you and God who are in the know about every single thing that has happened to you since you've been on this earth.

No wonder people feel hopeless and alone when they don't know Him.  They don't even know WHY most times, but this is one of the big reasons  Although friends are necessary and they can help with pieces of your life, no one can speak to the whole thing at once with absolute knowledge and understanding.

Talk to Him today.

I am.

I crave moments exclusively with Him.  He's the only one who understands without explaining, and speaks to the mosaic, being trusted with complete certainty.

The greatest cry of my heart is to be alone with Him, listening for hours on end.  It's in that place that I can believe whatever I hear, and have hope and strength for today and always. 


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