I peek

Sorry, I just can't help it.

I peek every time.  I'm thinking maybe other pastors' wives do the same thing.  Matter of fact I'm thinking they have to.   You might even do it if you're not a pastor's wife.

Peeking when the altar call is going on.

Yep, I do it every week.  Most times I don't even hide the fact that I'm peeking, I just do it.  I think it's something that most people give the pastors' wife a pass on.

I want to see whose life is being changed, and I wanna see it as it's happening!  Cuz' this is what I live for.

I peeked yesterday.  Five people responded.

It was glorious.


I love being in the birthing room. I look unashamedly!
Melissa Davis said…
Ok, since we're being honest - I have a confession, I PEEK TOO, lol.

Definitely glorious to see the change take place...

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