True Church Stories - #36

It's been a while since I've posted any of my "true church stories".  This is a running series here on the blog and if you want to catch up on the 35 stories that preceded this, just go here.  Some friends tell me it's some of the funniest material they've ever read. Are they just humoring me? You decide.

So today the thought came to me it's been a while since I've shared one of these and I thought some of my readers might enjoy a chuckle on this manic Monday.  This story actually comes from an AG sectional minister's  meeting years ago here in Tampa.  Now let me say that if you live in Tampa and are sharing that  you are a resident of such I have been informed by many that the proper way to introduce oneself would be as a "Tampanian."  Evidently a certain minister's wife was not informed of this fact, bless her heart.

On the evening of this minister's meeting the person hosting the meeting asked everyone present to go around the room and state our names and where we were originally from.  When it came to this dear pastor's wife she said, "Good evening everyone!  My name is Vera, and I've been a tampon all my life."

If you think it was hard for me to control myself, you're right.  My husband remained rather composed but another of our staff members and myself almost had to leave the room we were laughing so hard. 


Kathy Butryn said…
Now, that's funny!
Love it! You tell the best stories!
Thank you! :) It's one of my favorite pastimes telling funny true stories.