The law of obedience

I'm writing at the 11th hour tonight, quite literally blogging at 11:45 pm...which is highly unusual.  Without going into great detail yet, I'm involved in what may be the most important work of my life aside from  parenting our three children.  I am working on a very special project and this week I'm in crunch mode.  I'll be blogging about this in the future. 

So here I am at the last 15 minutes of the day but I won't let it get away without sharing something here, being that I am a daily blogger.

Thought for the day comes from talks I've been having with God about obedience.  I'm a strong believer in the fact that if it were the only thing, obedience to God needs to be enough. It is a real challenge for any of us to come into complete surrender/obedience to God.  Specific issues are more difficult than others.  Recently pondering this I was telling the Lord that I am to the point on one issue where obedience to Him is enough, has to be enough.  And here's what He tells me:

"Obedience to me does have to be enough, however it's never all there is.  Additional blessings and favor ALWAYS follow obedience. They are inseparable."

Isn't that exciting?  Blessings and favor are basically married to obedience.  That's great news for those who choose to obey.