It's been a beautiful week...

We've leaving Arizona this morning to come home for Florida.  I am longing to be in my home and in my bathtub and bed, but that will have to wait another day, as I have to go straight to Sarasota early this evening when my plane lands, to be there for the Hope Tour tomorrow.  Although I'm longing for home, I've so enjoyed my time here.

We've been staying with our dear friends, the Visconti's, this week.  While at their home I've managed to walk four out of the eight days we've been here, either early in the morning or late at night.  (It's too hot to walk otherwise... AZ is A LOT hotter than Tampa!!)  They live in a beautiful home in an equally beautiful neighborhood and we walk around these lakes in the neighborhood, pictured above.  I snapped a photo as I was walking yesterday morning.  As usual I was looking for furry friends.  (I love them although they make me even more homesick for Max and Maddie.) Here is one who popped up on my walk, to greet me.

I can't wait to hug my kids and my dogs!  And, to be at Celebration Church on Sunday!!!