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It takes a village to write a book proposal, or at least for me, it does

I felt the tangible presence of God last night as I worked on my book proposal and was moved to tears several times by friends who interjected things throughout the process.  I did have to work for both church and NextJob yesterday but my every waking moment aside from that, cooking, doing a sink full of dishes and going to Weight Watchers was spent writing my proposal.  I would guesstimate that I spent at least three hours on it yesterday.  I took my laptop, shut myself off in my room and focused in.  I felt the prayers of people so strongly.

Kathryn, who many have already read about here on the blog, recommended a book to me a while back that I immediately ordered and devoured and has become my bible when it comes to writing.  (You can read about Kathryn on her official website here, but my series of posts about her here will tell you even more!)  I have followed the book exactly when it comes to writing this proposal.  I've read a lot of books on writing and publishing and proposals but nothing has come close to this one so far.  Thanks Kathryn, for believing in me, not only in my role at NextJob, but overall in life.  Your investment in my life as a leader,  your wisdom, recommendations to move me forward and your friendship are immeasurable.

I need to spend at least another few hours on the proposal today and I'll do the same thing again Saturday once I finish with my life coaching class that I teach.  Right now I am done at least half of the proposal.  Even better, I'm done the parts that I don't like!  I'm so excited now to have the pleasure of writing the second half.  Any good book proposal includes the analysis of the competition and an overview of the market for the book.  That is my least favorite thing to research but last night I finished it and got it off my back.  I'm really grateful, oh so grateful to Cassandra Stafford, fellow blogger, pastor's wife, minister in her own right and long time friend for pitching in yesterday to help me with this aspect of the proposal.  We'd been writing back and forth about it and finally yesterday about noon I messaged her and said, "do you have time to talk for a sec?" and she said absolutely, so we got on the phone and put our heads together.  The result was that she took care of researching some of the material to save my time, and wrote up some analysis and sent it my way.  Several times she had me crying (happy tears) with her encouragement.  Thank you Cassandra, for believing in me way back when.  I asked you yesterday, "why am I the one to write this book?" and you said, "because you were country when country wasn't cool!"  That had me laughing and crying at the same time, especially hearing it with your sweet southern accent.

My friend Tammy Young is on vacation...the most well deserved vacation in the world, but she contacted me yesterday to see how things were going with this and I told her, "Tam, I was going to ask you for something concerning this proposal but didn't want to have to cuz you're on vaca," and she said, "Nonsense, I'm helping you right now..." and she sent me some stuff last night after 11:30 pm that had me bawling another round of happy tears.  Then she went on to tell me she's already planning the party to celebrate when I actually get a contract on this.  Tammy plans the best parties.  She's not just an ordained minister and a pastor's wife...she's an event planner and this is her company.  (If you live in this area, call her.  No one does a better job.  She's literally planned million dollar events on an international scale.)  Tammy, thank you for standing with me always and for even inspiring the very title of this book.  If we wouldn't have had our conversation and you hadn't gotten all up in my business about doing what God called me to do, I wouldn't be writing this proposal right now. 

The core of our church family knows what I'm working on.  I shared it with the choir Sunday, and then with everyone in the service Wednesday night.  They are behind me 100%, praying and believing with me.  Many people have messaged me to say, "we believe in you and in this book...keep going."  It means the world.  So many people have diligenty prayed, and we pastor the most supportive church in the world, so I hesitate to name names because truly I don't want to leave anyone out or hurt feelings but today I'll name just one. (With more to come!) Paul Fryfogle is a member of our church who has been praying consistently, daily, for this.  He's always believed God is going to do something more with this and asks me almost every time he sees me if there has been anything new.  I told him when he started praying for me about writing and inquired about it that he might get discouraged in praying because this field is so rife with rejection.  He was undaunted and said, "PD, God has called me to pray for you DAILY about this, NO MATTER WHAT."  Paul, thank you.  What a treasure. 

Speaking of treasures there's no greater than my husband Larry who made sure I had a new laptop that actually works to do this proposal!  And, he gives me the quiet time I need to get alone and write it.  I should probably throw a shout out to Max and Maddie too...they quietly lay beside me while I write, with Max pawing me occasionally on the arm as if to say, "hey, you're doing great!" 

I need to do at least a few more hours today on the proposal and being that this is my day off it will be easier.  I started this day very early, getting up before dawn and headed to a biking trail that is one of the most beautiful in the area.  It's called the "Well Fields" and my friends Hector and Sandy go there often, usually three mornings a week before the sun even comes up.  Hector and Sandy are my friends I met at Weight Watchers nine months ago when I started going and since then they have come to Celebration and become a part of our church family too.  They are just dear people.  Together they have lost over 100 pounds!  They are such an inspiration to me.  I've been promising them that I'll go with them to the well fields, and today was the day I made good on my promise.  Yesterday they went and saw 26 deer while they were biking in the wee hours.  Hector stops along the journey and takes many photos along the way.  They've been promising me that I'm going to fall in love with the well fields , so I've been really excited about doing this although early mornings aren't my thing.  I'm such a night owl.  But I love biking, and beautiful scenery and more than that I love Hector and Sandy so this makes for a delightful treat today. 

Once back from the bike ride, settled in with a cup of coffee, it will be time to focus in on the proposal once more.  I might call in a few favors from another few friends I haven't talked to yet!  (Be ready for your phone to ring!  lol)  I feel your prayers, my friends.  Thank you for being my village.  It means the world.  


So what book is helping you with the proposal, as well as your friends? Funny, I'm going to blog today on Mary DeMuth's 11 Secrets to Getting Published. Godspeed with your book.
There's a link to it right in the blog post - that's why I didn't say what it was - it's "The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book" by Susan Page. I will check out Mary's secrets and see how they compare. :) Blessings and thanks for reading.
HisWill said…
As our Father brings us together with new a acqaintance....we don't always know the impact that person will have in our life. You have been blessed with friends who help you in your time of need and in turn, I am sure you are a blessing to them.
DaNella Auten said…
Proud of you for following thru.
Anonymous said…
Just remember which publishing company I'll be working for! Ya never know why God gave me this job!
-Kim J.

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