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I'm a year older! What have I learned?

Yesterday was my birthday.  I didn't post about it because I was in the middle of a blog series.  I wanted to finish it in order.  Order is really important to me.

Taking some required analysis for my job at NextJob (all of my co-workers and I had to do this) has been quite revealing.  We were all required to take what is called a ColorQ assessment and discuss it in detail with our boss.  This has explained the "why" of so many things and actually made it easier for me to accept some things of the past, and make some decisions for the future. I will be honest here that I am still wrestling with some things in light of the ColorQ analysis.  I need to make some changes and am still figuring out how to do it without wrecking things. 

Among other things the ColorQ confirmed is that I'm definitely a person of great detail, accuracy, and order.  This isn't a surprise to anyone who really knows me.

So what kinds of things am I realizing with the passing of time, being one year older?  I'm a firm believer in being older AND wiser, and I'm realizing even more ~~
  • How important it is to flow with the natural bent of who God made me to be.  (The ColorQ analysis, and Briggs-Meyers personality assessments have been REALLY helpful to me in this regard.)  I'm realizing how important it is to play to my strengths and watch out for my weaknesses!  If you want to take a test based upon the Jung/Briggs-Meyers one, here's a great one  By the way, I'm an INFJ, the most rare personality of all.  (Nobody's shocked by that, I'm sure! ha ha!)  I encourage you go through these analysis yourself -- they will help you to figure out a lot of things about your working style, relationships, and a lot more.
  • How important it is to develop and hold firm to spirit led BOUNDARIES in life.  (Biggest help with this:  the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud & John Townsend.)
  • How important it is to make my home a refuge - draw boundaries - stick to them.
  • How important it is when you get married/have a family to do it by God's principles!
  • How important it is to not be swayed by culture, family pressure, or anything else but the Word and the leading of the spirit..
  • How important it is to pray, fast and be in tune with God!
  • How important it is to be ready.  I sincerely believe we are living in the last days.  
  • I know my strengths, weaknesses, how God has made me and what He has made me for.  Now I want to use it to the maximum for His glory and honor, knowing time is short - He is coming soon.


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