Where is the outrage???

Yesterday I read an article from lifenews.com by Mike Strain entitled, "Where's the Casey Anthony Outrage When It Comes To Abortion?"  I'd  like to thank Jesse Caris for posting it, and note that I couldn't agree more!  (I can't link to the article here because I'm blogging from my phone but if you go to lifenews.com and put the title of the article in the search box it will come up.)

All this outrage does pose a very reasonable question to the millions who are raging.  What IS the difference between Caylee and the millions who have been aborted?

One deceived Christian posted on their facebook yesterday that they: "don't understand why everybody's so whipped up about this verdict...Casey's actions just led Caylee straight into the arms of Jesus, so what's the big deal even if she did do it?"  Mmmkay...remind me to keep my kids and future grandkids away from you and to furthermore call your pastor and tell him he should think twice before allowing you to work in the nursery or with kids...not to mention I'd like to take off my high heels and earrings and give you a smack down, since you evidently believe killing kids is no big deal!!


I once had a conversation with a man who was in a top leadership post of the Pro Choice Action Network. Interestingly enough he shared this same warped theology that it's no big deal to abort children because if we are Christians, we believe they are going to heaven, so it's a win-win for all.  


Allow me to point out that without exception everyone who is pro choice or pro abortion is ALIVE or did live a life and hold those views before they passed away.  They all got their chance to live.  Kind of convenient for them, huh?  It's a bit of a bias to say you're alright with murder when you are the one who is blessed to be alive.

What about equal rights for women?  I've had pro-choice people ask me about this in fact it's usually their first question since anyone who knows me well knows I am very pro gender equality.  I answer that absolutely, I AM for women's rights!  I am for ALL women's rights for ALL women-- ones that are born and yet to be born, those in the womb or out.  I am for the rights of women living now or in the future.  I am not only standing for my rights and my daughter's rights  but for all who would like the opportunity to come after us and have the same right to life that we had.  What about equal rights for unborn women?

Mike Strain, I join you.  I am not just outraged for Caylee...I am outraged for millions. 

I feel compelled to speak for those too little to speak up for themselves.  I hope you feel the same.  

Don't be silent.  Speak up.   Do something.


Anonymous said…
Amen!! I so agree with you! Our society is so mixed up and crazy. We have people thinking it is okay to kill babies in the womb, but will chain themselves to a tree to save some land. I hope all these outraged people will picket outside the abortion clinics, vote pro life, and march on Washington.

But Deanna, the sooner it it gets to Christ's appearing, the nuttier this world will become. Evil called good, and good called evil.

I'll have to visit that site and link up the article on my blog. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Everyone, this is the address of the article Deanna mentioned.

sandy said…
I am so with you on this!
Ruth, I totally agree with you...sign of the times...

Love ya
Jesse said…
Thanks for spreading this....I tend to get frustrated with the double standards and media bias that plagues our country. The nation has become so desensitized. The media sets the agenda and sets the moral compass and it grieves the heart of God.