We're coming home tonight.  I am so excited!

Most people are depressed when their vacation is over.  While I enjoy vacations, I love my everyday life more.

I'm ready to be home...

ready for routine!!

ready for my bed!!

ready to be back at Celebration!!!

ready to see Max and Maddie!!!

I can't wait to be snuggled up to them tonight before I go to sleep.  Ohhhh how I have missed them, and everything else about my life in Florida.  Home sweet home, in a few hours.


Candy said…
Eddie and I where just talking about that last night. As much fun as vacations are. It is so good to have a life that you want to come back to. I'm looking forward to my new home, running with Chris, My dog baby,Your own king size bed, our own church and the friends that have missed you. Believe it or not eating healthy. I am so grateful for all Christ blessings and for you and your family.
I am so grateful for you and yours as well! It has been an unforgettable trip, but I am so excited to get home for all the reasons you mention and more. Love you and thanks for the memories!
Michele said…
Your friends are so glad you are home - you both were missed so much-