Lesson to learn from the verdict

Today's verdict on the Casey Anthony trial will be one of those moments we will look back on and say, "where were you when you heard the news??" sorta like people say about JFK getting shot, or the OJ verdict, or the space shuttle blowing up. Gosh, it was terrible news today. Caylee's blood still cries out for justice. At the heart of this whole thing is a beautiful little girl whose vicious murder has yet to be dealt with. But it will be! Only those who are atheists are without hope in this matter because anyone who believes in God can take heart that Casey, the self absorbed young woman who just two weeks after her daughter's murder had "beautiful liar" tattooed in Italian on her at her request and continued right on partying with her friends WILL be dealt with by God. The young lady who for 30 days didn't even care to report her daughter missing WILL stand before a Holy God who can see through all the lies no matter how beautifully she paints them.

I believe George and Cindy Anthony probably have much regret that they didn't report their daughter earlier to the authorities. They knew she lived this party lifestyle and wasn't real mommy material. I say mommy because any girl can lay with a boy and 9 months later pop out a baby and technically become a mother but it takes much more including the sacrifice of your party lifestyle and selfish ways to be a Mommy!! Casey had fleeting moments of mommyhood, they can prove that through brief videos they showed the jury but but life isn't a sound bite from a video. It's not what we do once in a while with our children that counts but what we do consistently that makes a difference. Casey dropping in for moments of real mommying amidst her partying wasn't good enough. It wasn't what Caylee deserved...what every child deserves. Casey should have never had the privilege of keeping Caylee after she chose her lifestyle over her child. But who in her life had the guts to report her or try to get custody? The troubling thing for me isn't just Casey Anthony or this verdict but how many girls possibly just like her exist unchallenged.

Every good thing has it's dark side, even compassion and love when it goes so far as to become co-dependency and enabling. It's too late for Caylee but grandparents and those who work with children everywhere can learn many lessons from this situation. Sometimes our heart can very much lead us astray. The Bible even says that..."there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death.". Sometimes we may think we are doing the right thing because our heart hurts so much to even consider the alternate but have no idea what tragedy might befall because we have "followed our heart." The bible says the heart is deceitful...we are called to follow what's right, not follow our heart.

Finally, for those dismayed at the verdict, just remember it's temporary. Also, not guilty doesn't mean innocent!!! And...God has the last word.