Gal pal time

I never miss writing a blog even if it's the end of the day. As I write this we're speeding down I75 at 78 miles an hour. Don't worry, I'm not driving as I text this blog...Tammy is. We are joined by our dear friend Pastor Vicki Elliot. We have laughed, we have cried and we have had an amazing weekend of ministry at Hope Tour Orlando. These are great times of ministry but also girl therapy in the hotel and restaurants. I am asking my dear friends if there's anything they'd like to tell you...and Tammy says to ask everyone to come to Hope Tour Sarasota on August 6. It's going to be life changing!!! I am so thankful for my sweet sisters. They make all the difference in my life and I hope they feel the same way about me. I was hoping they'd share some profound things here on the blog like they said to me in the car but I think they poured out all they have for today between ministering to the ladies and giving so much in friendship. Almost home to unpack and get ready for a great day tomorrow at CC!