Do your hiney a favor

Living on the fence is an uncomfortable place to be.  I Kings 18:21 says, "How long will you waver between two opinions?"

Imagine yourself literally sitting on a fence.  Your hiney would get real sore not to mention you could get splinters or cuts from the chain link or barbed wire depending on the type of fence.  Who would ever choose a fence as a place to hang out?  You can't relax on a fence.  All you can do is sit there uncomfortably waiting until you finally get down.

Some people sit on a proverbial fence that is every bit as real in their life as an actual structure, you just can't see it.  Some are there on the fence so long they become almost impossible to live with.  Fence sitters are miserable people, not quite on one side or another, never quite sure which way they are going to go.  

If you are on the fence today just think about how much better your hiney (albeit the hiney of your mind) will feel when you finally get off the fence.