The tradition lives on!

One of the most important things we can do is make memories with our family. One of our kid's favorite memories are of going to Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh. All three of them like it more than Disney! When we lived in Maryland we went every summer and now that we're in Florida we don't make it every summer but we try to make it back as much as possible. The Memories at Kennywood go back to my husband's childhood and then when we dated and were engaged he took me there and I fell in love with it. (Shhhh don't tell anybody but we used to kiss going through The Old Mill in the dark!) ::smile::

Today we'll spend our day at this very special place that holds so many memories. Our kids have told us that when they get married and have kids someday they'll be carrying on the tradition.

I love days like today, riding the coasters with my kids (Kennywood was named Rollercoaster Capital of the World) and eating cotton candy and stuff! Thank you Lord for Your blessings on me.


Anonymous said…
My husband, kids, and his sister are headed there today. I'm shampooing carpets. :P