Quiet times and emotional health

My oldest son and I are so much alike. Late last night our family was in New York City and decided to get some pizza. We went to a stand and got some slices and were eating them at some stand up tables. Dustin looked up at the skyscrapers then looked at me and says, "Mom, I could never live here." "Oh, me neither," I said. We both agreed that while we enjoy a short visit now and again we were ever so glad to get to our hotel last night and have peace and quiet. Driving out of Times Square Dustin said he felt like he fell into a giant pop up ad! Ha! I could so relate.

Mine and Dustin's idea of vacation is sleeping lots, reading, quiet times, etc. We are both people whose emotional health requires lots of solitude. Jesus did too. Scripture records He often went to the mountains and such to get away from the crowds. We're driving thru some areas today that I find quite beautiful. We will have some quiet time in the car and catch up on reading. I loved yesterday but I'll love today even more! Thank you, Lord for quiet times.


Anonymous said…
On vacation too tihis week. Glad you're still posting!
Anonymous said…
If you think about it, a lot of heroes in the Bible were introverts. Not that they were shy and scared; just that after a big battle/confrontation/miracle, they would have to retreat alone and recharge themselves. Jesus, of course...David...Elijah...

Glad you're enjoying yourself!!!

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