The next big thing

Monday night while I was soaking in my garden tub I had a thought that I'm always looking to the next big thing and experienced a revelation that I need to stop doing that!

While I ride my bike or soak in the tub or have any time to quietly think, my thoughts are immediately drawn to the next big thing that I'm looking forward to.  I'm honestly not bragging, but with me, there is always a next big thing.  I'm sincerely humbled and grateful that God gives me "next big things".  I am often drawn to think about the next big church event, next vacation with my family, next ministry trip to Africa, next Hope Tour, next holiday with my family and church, yada yada yada.  When I get into reflective time, I am always drawn to these things.   The next big thing comes, and it's awesome -- sometimes even more than I ever imagined!  As soon as it's over I wish it wasn't.  I used to look forward to milestones with my children but I don't anymore because I wish two of them didn't have a childhood that was over, and I wish we had more time, just "the five of us".  The time is whizzing by.  I know one day we'll probably "gain two daughters and a son" when they all three marry.  Yes, it's a gain, it's also a loss of the era of "the five of us."  Change is wonderful, and change is hard.  So, where am I going with all this?

I really felt like I've been looking to the next big thing with anticipation way too much and missing the joy of a lot of little things along the way.  I do enjoy everyday things, but I haven't placed the same significance on them as I do these big things that come along.  And let's face it there are a whole lot more little things than big things.  So, here's to little things, that in time we discover were really big things all along.

As I thought about this I started making a mental list of all the little things that were such blessings...

The two cups of coffee I started the day with that were absolutely marvelous.
The snuggle time with Max and Maddie in the early morning hours.
The job seeker I engaged so easily and the pleasant conversation we had.
The walk I had right after it rained and was so cool and sweet smelling outside.
How good mine and Larry's dinner collaboration was Monday night.  BBQ chicken, potatoes and beans...yum!
How sweeter our time alone last night was.
How great it felt to soak in a bath using Avon Bubble Bath. (Love that stuff, used it as a kid!)
How amazing God is to answer several of my private prayers this past week that I considered huge but were easy for Him.  This is actually a really big thing...oops!  I just have to give Him credit.  He's an amazing God and it's only Him that makes all this possible.