Leaders and emotional health

Blogging from my phone today. Believe it or not, I didn't bring my computer on vaca! Larry did bring his and I'll blog from it on some days but others like today will be a short thought from my phone.

I purposely didn't bring my computer because it has too much work that could distract me and quite honestly I seriously need a break from it. Larry's computer holds none of my files so it's not an issue if I get on to blog for a few minutes or what not. Blogging's not work, by the way...it's nothing but pleasure. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it from a device I love to hate...the phone...lol!

Since I'm blogging from this invention that has such a love/hate relationship with me I'll just put one quick thought in this post today. The other day I listened to someone talk about the emotional health of a leader. It's so important that leaders be in optimal emotional health. One difficult part of our role is that we are helping sick people all the time. It's rewarding yet dangerous if we don't prioritize our own health. What do you need to do to invest in your health?

For me things like strong boundaries, rest, reading and periodic assessments are very important.

That's my only thought today...back on the road with the fam now...