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Details, details, I love details!

Before Larry and I became lead pastors there were a few things I told him were important details to me.    Some weren't terribly spiritual, in fact they have nothing to do with the primary purposes of a church.  After the really important stuff is taken care of, like people coming to Jesus, there are a few other details here and there that are important to me.

I have been exposed to things at some church socials over the years that were worse than things I've experienced in a third world country.  You think  I'm kidding?  Take punch for instance.  At some of the churches we were a part of, they served red or orange punch at church socials or dinners that literally burned your throat when it went down.  It wasn't spiked, it was just nasty.    Not only does it not quench your thirst, it's downright painful every time you swallow.  When gently inquiring about this with the powers that be I was told things like, "We only drink this punch because we get it for free from the food bank" or "this drink mix was only 99 cents for five gallons, so that's why we're using it..."  Okay, so would we drink turpentine if it was 99 cents for five gallons?  Why not just stick with water out of the tap?  Not being in charge, I just kept a smile on my face and drank small sips of the punch or didn't drink anything.   I did tell Larry in private, "When we pastor a church we're having good drinks at our functions.  We will serve ice water or figure out a way to get decent beverages that actually compliment a meal and don't make you afraid you are experiencing a repeat of Jim Jones and Guyana."   

Another thing I told him was, "when we pastor a church if we have a picnic or potluck dinner and stuffed (deviled) eggs are on the menu, there will be enough for everybody."  At almost every church social I had been to prior to becoming lead pastors,  usually one lady in the church would bring stuffed eggs and they would bring a plate of about 12 of them and that was great for the first 12 people in line but nobody else ever got any and about 12-15 people down the line you'd hear someone exclaim, "Awwww...I missed the eggs..."  [insert sad face here]  I said, "Larry, we're not doing that.  There will be enough stuffed eggs when we pastor a church."  You can imagine my husband's face when I tell him things like this.  He's a big picture person and I'm a detail person.  Usually his response is, "Okay honey if stuffed eggs are important to you, so be it."   Contact Larry Shrodes for husband training at   He will come to your church and teach the men how to give these kind of stellar answers to their wives.  Answers like this save marriages.

 Today is our church picnic, beach day and water baptism at Ft. DeSoto and last night I made 40 stuffed eggs in preparation for this day, but I'm only one person -- we have many other people making them.  Bonnie Stewart, one of our CC members who is fantastic at handling details has organized the food and beverages for the day and it will be just right, I'm sure.   I'm so thankful for Bonnie and her attention to detail.  Today anybody from Celebration Church can be at the beginning or end of the line at the picnic and they will get a stuffed egg if they want one.  I also made a gallon of some of the very best tea on the planet to contribute to all the rest of the great stuff that will be there.

Last night Larry and I were in an intense discussion about something and he says to me, "how come you get so wrapped up in all the details?" and I said, "because details are what I do babe!"   I think he's secretly glad that I care about the details, in fact he's admitted it a few times before in moments of weakness.  ::grin::

I know God is going to show up and do amazing things in our service today.  I know people are going to be transformed!    And here's to great beverages and plentiful eggs at at the picnic afterwards!


Betty said…
Lol!! ALL kool-aid is banned from our church....our Pastor's last name IS Jones!!
Anonymous said…
I think my former PW feels the same way as you about beverages - we always had green tea, raspberry ice Crystal Light, water, coffee AND hot water and tea bags [remember, I live in the Midwest - it gets COLD here!!]. With flavored creamers for the coffee [that's my pet peeve...when churches buy those nasty packets of powdered creamer that have the consistency of rat poison - YUCK!!!!]
Melissa said…
I am totally on board with you about the beverages! We always made sure to get the best drinks, if it was soda we got the name brand, if it was punch of any kind (which generally was for the kids) we always got the best. My thought is if I won't serve it in my home I am not about to serve it in church! Never thought about the eggs though...that's a great thought! I hate missing the eggs too.
Betty, LOL, that's great! I can understand why you have that policy.

Leanne, I so agree with you on the packets. I don't even bother to use them when they are offered somewhere. Nasty!

Melissa, I so agree, if you wouldn't serve it at home don't serve it at church.

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