Bringing HOPE to Jacksonville...

So today the most amazing gal pals on the planet are bringing HOPE to the women of the Jacksonville area.  Very excited to see what's going to unfold today.  It has been such a busy week for me, getting ready to go on vaca and literally tripling up on my work load to get it all done in time for departure plus preparing for a tag team message with my husband in the morning.  But...even with the insane schedule and my fatigue I couldn't be more excited about what's going to happen today because LIVES ARE CHANGED BY THIS TOUR AND WHAT GOD DOES IN EACH PLACE WE GO TO.

Today my teaching is on the subject, "Running on Empty."  I found it ironic that I was assigned that topic to speak on.  :)  The Lord spoke to me greatly as I was preparing that teaching and I have made some changes as of late in my own life.  Really! It's true. 

Keep our team in prayer today for great sessions and lives transformed!