Take a break and listen

This morning I needed a break from teaching.  I rarely take one but this was one morning I sorely needed one.  I asked our assistant pastor, Sam Diaz, to take my place.  He happily obliged...always ready to do whatever is needed, whenever Larry or I ask.  I just needed to sit on the front row and soak it in.  His message was just what I needed.  I'm sure it was just what others needed too.

Sometimes it's just time to sit and listen, especially for preachers who are used to bringing the word every week.  There are times you are so weary of lifting the spoon to your spiritual mouth day after day and just  need someone else to lift it for once.

Thank you, Pastor Sam.  Today in your message I got a spiritual nugget of truth that is helping me to move forward with a specific need in my life.

I encourage all of you preachers/leaders to take a break and listen once and a while, aside from district council or the occasional conference.  It's good for you and you'll be blessed just as I was today.