The baby's growing up!

These are photos we took before she went to the 8th grade dance last night.  She enjoyed herself very much and went with friends to Applebee's afterwards (well supervised of course).

Ahhhhh...milestones.  I can't believe this school year is just days away from coming to a close and the middle school chapter will be closed and she is going on to HIGH SCHOOL.  I was just birthing her yesterday, for crying out loud.  [sigh]

 Notice Max in the background...he was hanging around the whole time she was getting ready to leave and had such a sad look on his face as she was leaving.  I think he wanted to go!  Well, I know he wanted to go.  Max ALWAYS wants to go "bye bye's"!
We love you, baby girl and you are ALWAYS gunna be the baby no matter hold old you get!


Rhonda said…
Live this and oh how beautiful she is!