Weekend Potpourri

I had absolutely NO trouble going to sleep last night!  I was so tired from a very hard day's work.  It started with our monthly women's life coaching meeting at Celebration.  It was great as always and then I came home to work all day on the yard and other things at the house.  I did fit bike riding in but other than that it was down to business.  We have been getting our yard in shape because of the neighborhood standards and everything needing to be up to speed by 3/31.  (Yes, I know the date has already passed but plenty of people are still working on it especially with the tornadoes we had last Thursday.)

We were also getting ready for a meeting we're having at our home tonight.  We are having all of the Celebration newcomers to our home.  There are so many of them!  I think we're going to have a full house if all of them come.  God is so good!! We have continued to grow by leaps and bounds at Celebration.  It has been the most amazing 9 months!  Isn't that ironic that it's been nine months?  This began on June 27, so from July 1 until April 1 is a 9 month time span and I feel like even with all that God has done we are just on the cusp of another breakthrough.  Something is getting ready to birth even greater than what we have already experienced.  I can't wait!