Leaving the whip behind...

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Sometimes I am grateful for the opportunity to be more connected and at other times I loathe it.  I value peace and quiet and the more connected I get it seems the less of it I have.

A few weeks ago I wrote on my Twitter that sometimes my phone feels like a whip.

At times a weight settles on my shoulders as soon as I have to answer it.  As a general rule I don't complain about it but everyone needs a break now and again and this week is mine.  The fact that I am feeling a discomfort when my phone rings probably signifies that I really needed this week away.  (Again, thank you, Celebration Church!)

I have sorely (pardon the pun) needed this time to be unplugged.

So suffice it to say I'm thankful, oh so thankful to have this week away from my phone!!  More than that, I am also grateful to have the week away from my husband's phone.  We rarely have any conversation at all without it ringing a few times.  Our phones ring even well after midnight so we're not even safe talking in the late night or early morning hours.  I blogged about that a while back and described the issues I have with his phone.   On my own, I could  never accomplish the banishing of his phone for a week.  It would take an act of God!  And, this is one!!  Our Celebrators were used mightily by God to give me my husband's undivided attention for a week.  I'm ever grateful for this time.

Thank you, Celebration Church, for this wonderful gift...

*This is a post that is pre-scheduled to publish while I'm unplugged this week.  If you write in the comment thread and are wondering why I'm not responding it's because I'm off line for a few days.  Thanks! :)